"Completion makes the tragedy" album preview

The limited edition of the album contains one more bonus track!

The artwork of the album you'll find here!

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"My Affliction" 784 KB
My Affliction
"Democracy Lesson" 940 KB
Democracy Lesson
"Nothing but a loser" 909 KB
Nothing but a loser
"Five more to fix" 690 KB
Five more to fix
"Burning with a shade" 815 KB
Burning with a shade
"Low" 815 KB
"On my way" 966 KB
On my way
"Reflection" 1 MB
"Completion makes the tragedy" 966 KB
Completion makes the tragedy
"Hatchet" 902 KB
"Vulture of the throne" 966 KB
Vulture of the throne
"At last" 870 KB
At last